Breezy x Big Sean

“Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn’t lie.” — (via ramengirl48)

maggie_kibbey: So we were sitting down in the lobby and just talking about the concert with my new friend I met named Piper and all of a sudden Zayn & Perrie just walked around the corner and we asked to take pictures but their security guard, Preston said no and we didn’t get any pictures the 1st time. But then about 40 minutes later they came back and we told Zayn how Piper was his biggest fan so he took a picture with her and I stood up and asked for a picture and I just immediately latched on to him. He smelled to good y’all, it ain’t even funny! So we took some pictures and he asked me if I enjoyed the show and I said,”Yes! Thank you so much!!” And he said, “Oh, no problem babe.” ZAYN MALIK CALLED ME BABE! Anyway, then after that I turned to Perrie and told her that she was beautiful and she just smiled at me, and the funniest part about this whole thing was that when my mom was taking a picture of Zayn & I she said to Zayn, “You’re so beautiful.” 😂 Anyway, last night was the greatest night of my life!


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